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WND – Vade Retro Me Satana

September 25, 2009

green bean ends

My mother stopped baking about the same time I entered high school, and didn’t start again until well after I’d graduated from college. According to my father when they were first married (or, as my father would rather you say, when at first they were married – because when they were first married implies that they were second married at some later point in time) my mother made pie all the time. I don’t remember this ever being true, but I’ll take his word for it. Read the rest of this entry ?


WND – No Dinner

September 17, 2009

No Dinner this week.

I spent the weekend playing Eurotrash because it was my parents 40th wedding anniversary and I flew to Amsterdam for a long weekend to surprise my mother (my father was not surprised since he organized it all).

While I was very grateful last night to not be having Dinner (having arrived back on my side of the Atlantic on Tuesday night and gone to work on Wednesday morning), it has thrown my sense of time off completely.  Dinner is such an integral part of my week that not having Dinner is just plain confusing.


WND – I can fly twice as high

September 10, 2009

pickled tomatoes

Last week Reading Rainbow broadcast its last show and ended an era.  Long before I knew who Lieutenant Geordi was, or realized that his nifty visor was really just a spray-painted banana clip, I knew who Levar Burton was because he read to me on a regular basis.  Reading Rainbow was not actually one of my favorite PBS shows – I liked 1-2-3 Contact or Mr. Rogers better – but like every other adult of my generation I can sing the opening lyrics of Reading Rainbow and I was horrified when I saw the news. Read the rest of this entry ?


WND – Tomatoes Three Ways

September 3, 2009

fruit & vegetable

Bryn Mawr’s alumnae list serve is a weird and wonderful place full of women who can switch from talking about the current health care debate to the exact attributes of ancient Greek deities to what to do with a pot that comes with a pasta insert without blinking an eye. When the conversation about pasta inserts vs. steamers crossed over with the recent discussion about the merits of core curriculums it garnered the comment, “Obviously Mothership didn’t require a class in Pots and Pans.” This is very true. That’s entirely too practical a class for Bryn Mawr. Read the rest of this entry ?