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TND – You Had Me at Roasted Mushrooms – Birthday Season 2012 (part 3)

October 18, 2012

I know I’ve said this before, but I believe that there are certain foods you have to have been introduced to at a tender age, and then grown up eating to really appreciate. Marmite/Vegemite is one of them – I was clearly too old by the time I was introduced to it in middle school because I continue to think it’s one of the most revolting things you can put on bread. Ambrosia Salad is another – which I cheerfully embrace in all its mini-marshmallow & canned mandarin orange glory, although I admit that I’d be hesitant to call it a salad per se. It’s possible that baked beans on toast are another thing that you have to have been introduced to at an impressionable age. Read the rest of this entry ?


TND – Baking Experiments

October 10, 2012

This week’s dinner is brought to you by a fit of industrious fridge clearing, and by a subtle and very precise craving. Plus, I know what’s for Dinner next week, and trust me when I say a week’s worth of abstemiousness in advance is a good idea.

The Fall fridge clearing is, I suspect, an urge born of the fact that it’s much easier to accomplish than getting out my winter clothes (plus, does not require me to admit that we’re approaching winter – never mind that we caved on Monday to Mother Nature and turned on the heat*). Also, it makes me feel virtuous and thrifty. Read the rest of this entry ?


TND – Birthday Season 2012 (part 2)

October 8, 2012

I have a new entry on my list of ‘national foods which I have only had good examples of outside of the country of origin’. That list needs a snappier name.

Included on it, are: Read the rest of this entry ?


TND – Cognitive Dissonance

October 5, 2012

Do you remember that feeling of disconnect you would get whenever you ran into one of your teachers somewhere that wasn’t the classroom? When you realized that they too visited cafes, bought milk, and went to the movies? I had the grown up version of that moment of cognitive dissonance a few weeks ago when I answered my cell phone and spoke to Christopher Kimball and Bridget Lancaster from America’s Test Kitchen. Read the rest of this entry ?