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WND Extra, or Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Teapots

September 24, 2007

Picture the scene. I’m at our local craft store picking up some paper plates (gold) and plastic cutlery (pink) to go with the paper tablecloth (pink) and paper napkins (pink, and emblazoned with stars and the word ‘princess’).

Nice lady at the counter: Oh, having a party?

Me: Yes . . . . it’s a princess party.

Nice lady at the counter: Oh, my daughter loves princesses. How old is yours?

Me: 30. It’s my roommate and a friend of ours.

Nice lady at the counter: Oh. . . . . . well that’s nice too.

<repeat several times over the course of the week>

What can I say? We embraced the kitsch. It was pretty. It was pink. It was strictly Bring Your Own Tiara.

I contributed the savory portion of the festivities, everyone else brought the sweets (and if anyone wants to share the recipes . . . . )

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