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SND – Espresso + Chili = Love

October 1, 2007

First off, I should note that this came from Petra’s famous handwritten cookbook and I think it might have been the first dish I ever made from it. It is also, perhaps, the most requested dish that I make. I know that JM would eat it as often as I felt like cooking it. Unfortunately(?), this makes tons of leftovers… which is great for the first three days. And then I start thinking that if I never see chili again, it’ll be too soon.

On the other hand – BIG.VAT.OF.CHILI…. and there’s no wrong there. So, thanks, Petra for passing this one along.

Also note: do not make this during Passover. I’ve never felt so bad in my life. Just a head’s up so you don’t make the same mistake.

Black Bean and Espresso Chili
Sweet Cornbread with jalapeño
Plain, old ordinary cornbread
Lots and lots of wine (courtesy of Matt, Ruth, and Goofy)

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