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WND – Lamb Stew & a small soap box

January 31, 2008

Lamb Stew with Lemon & Figs
Yogurt Mint Sauce


The reason I could never be vegan:


Maybe I spent too much time in France as a child, but the thought of life without cheese is unfathomable. I live in fear of becoming lactose intolerant.

Reasons I could never be vegetarian:

Foie gras, bacon, fried chicken, hamburgers, lamb chops . . . .

Plus, I really hate tofu. Everyone says this is because I’ve never had good tofu, but at this point I’m going to go out on a limb and say I probably have. I’ve had it deep fried, marinated, grilled, sautéd, and cooked in sauce. I’ve eaten it in Indian food, Thai food, Chinese food and lasagna. And you know what? It still always tastes like tofu, which is to say like not much of anything but with texture issues. I’m sort of okay with silken tofu being substituted for cream cheese or plain yogurt in dips and smoothies, although absent a really compelling medical or religious reason I sort of fail to see the point. Read the rest of this entry ?