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WND – Curried Fruit and the Internet

May 15, 2008

I am a child of the internet age, or at least I’m an adult of the internet age. When I graduated from high school personal email addresses were still unusual enough to cause comment. By the time I graduated from college it was understood that if you couldn’t find it on the internet it didn’t exist.

I probably own 20 or 30 cookbooks, but I only use them if I already know the recipe I want. I don’t browse them for recipe suggestions – unless I’m really desperate for ideas on a Sunday morning. I like flipping through cookbooks in the bookstore, but in the real world I find myself hampered by the inability to key word search them for an ingredient, and by the lack of user feedback. I’ve been spoiled by the reviews section of and When I read a recipe I now want to know if it really works before I try it. I want to know if it needs to cook for longer than written, or if it’s okay as written but spectacular if you add half a cup of cheese. I want to know if people would make it again, or whether it was more trouble than it was worth. Also, I’m lazy and I never want to have to put away the stack of cookbooks, with the internet all I have to do is close my laptop.

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