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WND – The Beauty of Chaos

July 31, 2008

Everyone has a scrap recipe book. It’s that thing that holds the accumulation of recipes torn out of cooking magazines, and scribbled on scraps of paper, and printed out from websites. It’s usually a binder or a box that’s stuffed to overflowing with no discernible method to its madness. It’s full of recipes you make all the time, and recipes you’ve never thought about again after you stuck them in there. It’s a combination of recipes that you got from friends, and ones that you insisted your mother give you, and ones you just thought sounded interesting when you read about them and tore them out even though you know you’ll never ever make them.

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WND – Farmer’s Market Addiction

July 24, 2008

I hear that the first step is admitting that you have a problem . . . . I have a problem with farmer’s markets.

They’re so enticing. They make me want to buy far more fruit and vegetables than we can possibly eat before they go bad. They make me want to buy vegetables that I know I don’t like just because they look so pretty sitting there in cheerful jumbled piles. I am lured by the huge glowing purple eggplants, and the muted greens and yellows of summer squash. I am seduced by the earthy mounds of yellow and magenta beets. Read the rest of this entry ?


WND – The “they’re breaking down the hegemonic structure of the heteronormative language system*” edition

July 19, 2008

You’d have to ask Jes what it’s like to meet us en masse for the first time. I can only imagine that it’s mildly terrifying. Strictly speaking on an individual basis we’re not particularly scary. But, we’ve all known each other for at least 10 years and we’ve been having dinner together once a week for most of that time. We don’t always communicate in full sentences anymore. A lot of the time we short hand ideas via various British comics – Eddie Izzard, the folks at Beyond the Fringe, the occasional influx of Yes, Prime Minister, although that’s mostly just me. We have multiple in jokes about homunculi (because well, once you have one they seem to multiply – the jokes, not the homunculi). We’ve had perfectly serious conversations about the composition and history of blood mead that sounded for all the world like we were contemplating serving it at our next party. Rest assured, to the best of my knowledge none of us has ever served anyone blood mead for any occasion. And, while having an opinion about which captain was the best captain isn’t a requirement, having the answer not be Janeway probably is*.
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WND – Not missing, just delayed

July 17, 2008

There’s no post today because Dinner hasn’t happened yet this week.

Exceptionally, Dinner has been moved to Friday this week so that a friend from out of town can come and see everyone.

I’ll post on Saturday with all the particulars.


WND – The Perils of Scury, or how I don’t eat my vegetables

July 10, 2008

Left to my own devices I have appalling eating habits. This is because I really only cook for other people. My roommate’s been away for two weeks at various library conferences and if it wasn’t for Dinner I’m not entirely convinced I would have eaten a vegetable in that time. I eat fruit in the form of smoothies and baskets of blueberries, but vegetables not so much.

This doesn’t actually make much sense. I like vegetables. I firmly believe that they are an important part of a balanced diet. I’ve never made a meal that didn’t include a vegetable (well, okay spaghetti, but tomato sauce counts as a vegetable, right?). But, I don’t really cook for myself – too many dishes, too much effort for just one meal – and I don’t tend to just snack on vegetables. I suppose that eventually I would start cooking for myself if I lived alone, but two weeks isn’t long enough to break me of the habit of viewing cereal as a perfectly acceptable dinner and Dinner comes along once a week and prevents me from developing scurvy. You’ll note the preponderance of vegetables in tonight’s Dinner.

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WND – You want me to do what?

July 3, 2008

Some of my best friends make recipes out of Martha Stewart Living.

This is actually true and not just a facetious statement, and since occasionally they bring us the fruits of their labors and thus far haven’t shown any signs of alien possession we call this quirky and endearing rather than insane.

Admittedly I occasionally read Martha Stewart Living – usually when I’m over for dinner at afore mentioned friends’ house – but I’ve never seen a recipe of hers and thought, “now that’s something I’m going to make”.  It isn’t that her recipes are unappetizing, it’s just that they’re unrealistic.  They’re for desserts that call for 30 eggs and involve three cakes stacked together to make a single centerpiece.  They’re for stews that have 18 steps and take five hours to make.  I lack that kind of patience.

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