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WND – Cleaning Up the Fridge

December 18, 2008


My roommate and I have a deal.  She doesn’t ask me to buy boxed macaroni & cheese, and I pretend not to notice that she’s snuck PAM cooking spray into the pantry while I’m out of town.  She watches Disney movies when I go away, and I watch ridiculously cheesy romantic comedies when she’s away.  It works well for us.

This was the last Dinner before I go to my parents for Christmas.  It was therefore the last chance I had to use up the various things in my fridge that I know my roommate won’t eat while I’m gone, and that will have gone bad by the time I get back.  There’s some unfathomable number of mushrooms in the fridge.  I clearly bought them to make something, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was.  Possibly it was the same dinner for which I bought an enormous quantity of green beans.  Then there’s the 4+ lb of butternut squash that I bought a month or so ago with the intention of making soup.  I never got around to roasting the squash, and while it’s not going to go bad in the 10 days I’ll be gone I’m of a mind to clean up the kitchen before I leave. Read the rest of this entry ?