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WND – Birthday Month Part 4 (belated)

January 15, 2009


When I plan meals sometimes I start with a side dish that I really want to have and then work outwards.  Sometimes I start with a protein that I’m craving and then figure out what else goes with it.  Sometimes I figure out what I have the energy to make and discard all recipes that involve a lot of work.  Sometimes, I get lucky like this week and someone makes a specific request (birthday Dinner).  Somewhere along the line though it all comes down to what it will look like on the plate.

A plate should always have at least three things on it – not more than five and never less than three.  More than five separate dishes and your plate is chaotic and too full.  Less than three things and the food looks lonely.  This breaks down usefully to protein + starch + vegetable.  Salad for these purposes does not count as a vegetable.  Currently this is because I almost always serve salad in a side bowl, and growing up it was because salad was eaten after the rest of the meal.  Either way it doesn’t contribute to the balance of the plate. Read the rest of this entry ?