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WND – Grocery Shopping

March 27, 2009


I’ve come to the realization that while I’m perfectly capable of planning a week’s worth of menus, I can only do it if I’m not planning something else first. Case in point, this weekend my roommate and I went down to Connecticut to a baby shower for which we’d been asked to make some food. I duly went up to Wilson Farms on Saturday to pick up chickpeas and tahini (hummus), cream cheese and mushrooms (mushroom dip) and assorted fresh veggies (including purple cauliflower, about which I was disproportionately excited). I remembered to pick up extra mushrooms for the Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce I’d decided we were going to have for Dinner, and to buy spinach for the baked eggs I was planning on serving for dinner on Monday. However, I forgot eggs, milk, apples, pears, sage and just about everything else I needed, and this would explain why I’ve been at a grocery store three times and counting this week. Read the rest of this entry ?