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WND – The Holy Trinity

April 9, 2009


This week is the intersection of three major religious holidays in Boston. It’s Passover – the first Seder was last night. Easter is this Sunday. And, Tuesday was the opening game at Fenway. Normally I’d feel a little blasphemous comparing these three events, but I was at an annual company meeting on Tuesday that got cut short so that we could all watch the first pitch at Fenway. The company meeting wasn’t actually scheduled to be the same day as the first game of the season – nobody in Boston would be that foolish – but the game got washed out on Monday night, so they had no choice but to cut the company meeting short. I’m pretty sure the option of just not watching the game was never even considered. The Red Sox, incidentally, won that game 5-3, and then made up for it on Wednesday by losing 7-2. Read the rest of this entry ?