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WND – And nobody went to the emergency room

February 4, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I was tired and cranky and in a rush, and then I started cooking and threw knifes into the mix which is a terrible combination.  Sometimes if I’m tired and cranky the routine of cooking will calm me down and bring me back to someone who’s fit to be around other people, but if I’m in a rush it just makes being tired and cranky that much worse.  Upshot was, I wasn’t paying much attention and I was chopping onions in a hurry and brought my big chef’s knife down hard against my knuckles.  Now, normally this would result in a lot of blood and band aids and would make washing the dishes painful and annoying for the next 10 days or so.  But, that’s not at all what happened because my knife hasn’t be sharpened since I got it as a birthday present about three years ago.  On the upside, my knuckles remained intact.  On the downside, my knife wasn’t sharp enough to break skin.

Fortunately my local fabric store is a collection point for knife and scissor sharpening.  So on my now weekly trip to the fabric store – don’t ask, I’m finishing one enormous quilt and starting another smaller quilt and I’ve been at the fabric store every weekend for the last month and it’s entirely possible that they know me by name now – I took along my sewing scissors which were also nicely dull and my large kitchen knife.   Read the rest of this entry ?