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WND – Fan girl squeeing

May 27, 2010

There’s a certain high pitched noise known generally as a fan girl squee It tends to accompany sightings of Robert Pattinson, NSYNC (if you’re feeling a little old school), or the Beatles (if you’re feeling really old school). To be scrupulously honest fan boys also squee it just tends to be at a lower register and is often accompanied by a recitation of the complete technical specs for the USS Enterprise. In my defense (although I think I managed to offend everyone equally just now) it’s not like I don’t have a favorite Star Trek series, have never been to ComiCon, or looked at Robert Downey Jr. and gone, ‘yeah he’s dreamy’. Read the rest of this entry ?


WND – Suspension of Disbelief

May 20, 2010

I ran across a recipe for leek bread pudding last week and was on fire to make it for Dinner. I spent a while trolling for braised chicken recipes on the theory that I didn’t want anything else that would need to bake in the oven at the same time as the bread pudding, and didn’t feel like pan frying chicken again since I did that last week. I wound up with a recipe that didn’t go with bread pudding at all so I nixed the leek bread pudding for Dinner, and made it for us on Tuesday night (verdict – disappointing, don’t need to make it again). What sold me on the Braised Chicken in Aromatic Tomato Sauce was one of the reviews which described the ingredient list as ‘reading like the contents of a medieval lord’s pantry’. Even as I nodded in agreement at the cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin and allspice, I thought well except for those pesky new world tomatoes*. Read the rest of this entry ?


WND – There are worse things than a reputation for being polite

May 14, 2010

My roommate and I were up in Toronto this past weekend – she was there to sort of work, I was there to play tourist. We had a good time in Toronto, miserable weather notwithstanding. All the Canadians we met kept apologizing for the weather, and swearing it was highly unusual. I haven’t decided if I believe them or not – we came to the general conclusion that we’d all move to Canada if it was just a bit warmer. Boston is as far north as I go. If I move, I’m moving south not further into the frozen wastelands of the north. On the other hand, bikers who stop and apologize when they cut you off at zebra crossings are a compelling inducement. At the risk of perpetuating a cliché, the Canadians really are awfully friendly and polite. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just that when you come from New England where nobody makes eye contact with strangers on the street if they don’t have to, it’s a little disconcerting.

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WND – The Little Things in Life

May 6, 2010

Saturday morning started with a water main in one of the western suburbs rupturing. This doesn’t sound like a big deal until someone tells you that it was a 10’ wide water main that connects the Western Mass water supply to the water supply for the greater Boston area. The practical upshot of this was that from Saturday morning through Tuesday morning all of the Boston area – 30 communities, 700,000 homes and 2 million people were under a boil water order. Read the rest of this entry ?