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TND – Montreal & Back Again

August 22, 2012

As noted previously there was no Dinner last week because my roommate and I took ourselves up to Montreal for a vacation.  I believe on Tuesday night we were tucking into plates of poutine (verdict: eh, I’d rather just have the cheese curds and gravy, I don’t really need the fries).

I really liked Montreal – I kept comparing it to other places I’d been (the outside, throw open the windows, sidewalk culture of San Diego – the French heritage of New Orleans – the quirky fierce independence of San Francisco – the sheer Canadian-ness of Toronto), but in the end I think that comparisons are a little unfair.  It feels like itself, and itself is a quirky city with charming neighborhoods that embraces its French heritage and its Canadian identity.  I’d cheerfully go back and spend more time exploring the Mont Royal neighborhood, going over to the Botanical Gardens which we didn’t have a chance to visit, peering in the windows of art galleries in the old port area, and gorging myself on excellent food and wine.

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