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WND – Curry Dinner

November 9, 2007

Have you been thinking about repainting your kitchen? Wondering what color would look best with your counter? I highly recommend making Indian food as a way to test out new color schemes for your kitchen. Some people just think it’s spices staining the counter, but you know that it’s multi-tasking at it’s finest. Would pomegranate pink look good on your walls? What about turmeric yellow?

I love Indian food, and I have a beautiful Indian cook book filled with pretty pictures and recipes. This meal does not come from there. It comes from Nigella Lawson courtesy of the Food Network and is probably about as authentically Indian as Coronation Chicken. Mind you, I like Coronation Chicken so this is not actually an issue for me, and it uses quasi-obscure spices like cardamom pods and cumin seeds so I get to feel like I’m making an ethnic effort.

Mughlai Chicken
Muttar Paneer
Roasted Curried Cauliflower
Rice Pilaf
Pomegranate Raita

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