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WND – Spicy Roasted Potatoes

April 24, 2008

My mother asked me an interesting question the other day: Is it cheaper to make pancakes with Bisquick than it is to make them from scratch?

I cook from scratch (a) because I like cooking; (b) because I’m inherently distrustful of the preservatives they use to extend shelf life; and (c) because it honestly doesn’t take any longer to make pancake batter from scratch than it does to use Bisquick. And okay, (d) because there’s a part of me that feels superior for doing it, although I usually manage to not actually say that.

My mother was reading an article about the rising cost of groceries in the US, and the problems that’s causing in conjunction with the failing economy. What struck her was the picture that accompanied the article of a woman with a shopping cart piled full of Bisquick and cake mixes. If you are pinching your pennies and cutting back on meat and other luxuries on your shopping list, are you compounding the problem by relying on mixes rather than making your own? Read the rest of this entry ?