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WND – Ice Tea vs. Mac & Cheese

May 29, 2008

Memorial Day weekend heralded the first time this year that it’s been hot enough to make ice tea.

My mother is from the South. Mostly this means that I think that the plural of you is y’all and that dark meat in your chicken salad is tacky. It also means that I’m serious about my ice tea.

Ice tea in my house was always made with cold water and a sufficient number of tea bags in a glass pitcher and then left to steep in the sun until it is a warm golden brown color. There are lots of people who make their ice tea by brewing tea and then leaving it to cool, but I find that sun tea is less tannic tasting. And, it’s fanciful, but I always think you can taste the sunshine in the tea when you drink it.

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WND – The Trials of Yeast

May 22, 2008

I have a theory. Everyone has one thing that completely flummoxes them in the kitchen. It’s not something difficult. It’s something everyone else can do just fine, but completely eludes you.

Mine is bread.

Yeast and I have a troubled relationship. We have great first dates. We have an immediate chemistry. Then there’s the second date, and that’s where it all falls apart. Or, in my case that’s where it just falls, never to rise again. There’s never a third date.

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WND – Curried Fruit and the Internet

May 15, 2008

I am a child of the internet age, or at least I’m an adult of the internet age. When I graduated from high school personal email addresses were still unusual enough to cause comment. By the time I graduated from college it was understood that if you couldn’t find it on the internet it didn’t exist.

I probably own 20 or 30 cookbooks, but I only use them if I already know the recipe I want. I don’t browse them for recipe suggestions – unless I’m really desperate for ideas on a Sunday morning. I like flipping through cookbooks in the bookstore, but in the real world I find myself hampered by the inability to key word search them for an ingredient, and by the lack of user feedback. I’ve been spoiled by the reviews section of and When I read a recipe I now want to know if it really works before I try it. I want to know if it needs to cook for longer than written, or if it’s okay as written but spectacular if you add half a cup of cheese. I want to know if people would make it again, or whether it was more trouble than it was worth. Also, I’m lazy and I never want to have to put away the stack of cookbooks, with the internet all I have to do is close my laptop.

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WND – Sumer is icomen in

May 8, 2008

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. I love the colors. I love the fabrics and the clothes. I love the heat. I love the humidity (yes I know I’m crazy, it’s been pointed out to me before). Most especially, I love the food. By the end of winter I’d be willing to engage in minor felonies for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Summer to me is ice tea in the fridge, melon for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and tomatoes bursting with so much flavor you could almost eat them for dessert. It’s open windows and the smell of freshly cut grass, and planning your meals so that you don’t have to turn the oven on more than necessary. It’s letting the heat soak in to your bones so that you can store it up against next winter’s cold.

Massachusetts is gracing us with a real spring this year, and summer feels like it’s around the corner. The days are (with a few exceptions) warm and sunny. There’s been enough rain to turn everything green, but no so much that I feel like I should be contemplating the logistics of building an ark. It’s not quite summer yet, but I can see it from here.

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WND – No Dinner

May 1, 2008

We’re* having ourselves a cultural sort of week.

This weekend we took ourselves off to the Museum of Fine Arts for the annual Art in Bloom installation – which was very cool, not the least of which because we know the person who does the posters for the event.

This Wednesday we cancelled dinner in favor of going to see Eddie Izzard at the Orpheum. We tried to go on Tuesday night instead, but we couldn’t get tickets. We debated whether Eddie Izzard really counted as a cultural experience but decided since it required us to leave our house and it was high brow comedy that it counted.

WND will be back next week when hopefully the weather will be more cooperative with what I want to make for Dinner.

* We being Dinner folk in various combinations and permutations.