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WND – Not waiting on the time or the tide

July 23, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with America’s Test Kitchen.  On the one hand any recipe you get from America’s Test Kitchen will be absolutely reliable.  It will work as advertised, and it will result in the quintessential version of whatever it is that you’re making.  If you’re looking for the archetypical beef stew, or apple pie, or blueberry slump, you cannot do better than referring to America’s Test Kitchen for a recipe.

On the other hand, in their quest for perfectly replicable results and classic recipes they often end up adding about seventeen more steps than I think are necessary, or am willing to contemplate doing.  I’m sure that their garlic bread with two kinds of garlic – slowly cooked in a little butter until sweet and nutty, and also sprinkled on raw at the last minute for punch – and eight steps is the best garlic bread in the world and if garlic bread had aspirations, this is what it would aspire to be.  But, I also think that’s a lot of work for garlic bread. Read the rest of this entry ?