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TND – No really, I got it

February 4, 2011

Okay so last week when I said it could always be worse?  That wasn’t an invitation.  I don’t actually need to live out the Russian Jewish folktale.  I’m already on board with the moral of the story, I don’t need it proved to me with another 20+ inches of snow.  Or, as actually transpired 6-10” of snow on Tuesday, followed by more snow overnight and then freezing rain to compact it all and turn it into solid ice on Wednesday.  I had my second snow day of the year and spent it shoveling snow, chipping at ice and then attempting to recover by adding shots of whiskey to my coffee.  On the other hand, my roommate had to go to work, so I guess it – say it with me people – could always have been worse. Read the rest of this entry ?