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TND – Epic Dithering

October 12, 2011

Apparently my new default for Dinner is ‘dither’.  I spent a day and several IM conversations dithering about whether one time the lasagna recipe would be enough to feed 8 people.  This is partly because while the recipe itself divides into halves or thirds or quarters fairly neatly, you end up with strange amounts of raw ingredients leftover (like 3 oz of ricotta), and a strange assortment of pans on the table (one large pan, one really small pan).  I eventually decided that one time the recipe was enough to feed 8 people if I stretched the meal with both the requested salad and green beans (originally it had been an either or) and added a plate of tomatoes.  Then on Tuesday afternoon at the farmer’s market I dithered about whether I really needed/wanted the tomatoes since Dinner had been reduced to six people and the lasagna would be a gracious plenty all on its own.  Eventually I voted against the tomatoes but not before standing there with my hand hovering indecisively over the tomatoes for several minutes. Read the rest of this entry ?