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TND – Not for the Onion Shy

November 22, 2011

I was not a kid who had to suffer through many cafeteria meals during my school years. I was spoiled and my mother packed me a lunch almost every day well into high school. By and large the only times I ever bought lunch were on the rare occasions that the school cafeteria was serving something I really wanted to eat. In the year I spent at Convent of the Sacred Heart this meant the days that they did Indian Fry Bread for lunch – don’t ask me how that was nutritionally viable, but it came hot from the fryer and covered in powdered sugar and everyone wanted one – and any time they served tater tots. In the year and a half I spent at the Old Greenwich Elementary School this meant the occasional pizza on Friday (why I wanted burnt pizza is an issue to explore some other time), and any time they served tacos. Read the rest of this entry ?


TND – Playing Parlor Games

November 18, 2011

What is your favorite word?  Liminal
What is your least favorite word?  Prejudice
What turns you on?  Generosity of spirit
What turns you off?  Pettiness
What sound or noise do you love?  The sound of a cat purring
What sound or noise do you hate?  The sound of my smoke detector going off every time I cook
What is your favorite curse word?  Oh for f**k’s sake
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  Professional Organizer
What profession would you not like to do?  Commercial fisherman
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?  “Yes, Shakespeare wrote the damn plays (I wish everyone would stop asking that); Stonehenge was built by ____________, I can show you a time lapse on how they did it; JFK was killed by ________ . . . . ” Read the rest of this entry ?


TND – Mental Dyspepsia

November 9, 2011

I’m suffering from an attack of mental dyspepsia brought on by the stream of holiday baking catalogs arriving on my doorstep, the fact that Macys has already put up their Christmas tree, and that stores segued directly from Halloween to Christmas candy without even a pause for post-Halloween candy sales. Read the rest of this entry ?


TND – Early Solution for Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 4, 2011

The boys over at The Bitten Word have helpfully indexed the 250 Thanksgiving recipes that debuted in this month’s cooking magazines. For the record, that is an insane number of new recipes for a holiday in which generally speaking nobody wants anything but what they always have – because, as we all know, everyone else’s Thanksgiving is wrong and ours is the only right one. For example, my cousin’s husband’s family doesn’t do gravy. She called to tell us this the first holiday she spent with them, and I think our collective appalled gasp could be heard across state lines. She ended up marrying him, so clearly his family’s bizarre stance on gravy wasn’t a deal breaker, but I’m pretty sure that she spent some quality time impressing on him the importance of gravy. Read the rest of this entry ?