TND – Last of the Asparagus

June 11, 2014

salad plate

Dinner June 10th – Last of the Asparagus

Spring on a Plate Salad
Jammy Cornbread

Spring on a Plate Salad
Let me tell you why you should always gossip with your produce guys.  One, they will tell you which oranges are the best oranges that week, and that it’s not worth buying the tempting looking apricots.  Two, they will heartily endorse and share your asparagus obsession (and leave all the figs for you because they can’t get into them).  And three, to that end they will promise to save you bundles of pencil thin asparagus so that you can swing by on Monday night after work and rest easy in the knowledge that there will be asparagus still to be had at the market.  Also, they’re nice guys and my love affair with Wilson Farms continues unabated.

– arugula (first of the season!)
– grilled chicken – buttermilk/spice marinade stolen from this recipe
– strawberries (sadly not quite local yet)
– ricotta (insanely good ricotta from Maplebrook Farm in Vermont)
– roasted asparagus – instructions previously cited
– chopped pistachios
– rhubarb vinaigrette – leftover from a couple of weeks ago

spring on a plate

Jammy Cornbread
I defrosted some carefully hoarded Strawberry-Pomegranate Jam from last year and minced up some basil to stir into it for a slightly savory edge.

Recipe previously given:  Dinner August 27th

jammy cornbread


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