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WND – Dinner Delayed

August 3, 2009

You’ll have noticed the lack of Dinner this past week. This is because I was in San Francisco visiting Jes (and a few other people) eating the most fabulous food every night. I believe on Wednesday night I was feasting on Zereshk Polow at Lavash. Or maybe I was tucking in to a fish taco at Park Chow, or possibly I was indulging in decadent lemon ricotta ravioli at Zazie’s. I also ate at The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma – excellent cheese, terrible service – and breakfasted at the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building and managed to have coffee from the Blue Bottle twice. I will cheerfully admit that it’s the best coffee I’ve ever had and I understand why people stand in line for it for hours.  It was decided that Jes should give up this historian thing that she’s doing and become a full time restaurant guide for San Francisco, because all her recommendations were amazing.

This week we’re delaying Dinner until Sunday because we’re doing a hail and fairwell dinner for a friend who’s in town briefly after a year in Japan before she jets off to Madison, Wisconsin to start grad school in media studies (it’s possible I’m just a little bit jealous).