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WND – . . . but uh-oh those summer nights

July 8, 2010

At work I have a space heater under my desk, a wool scarf hung over the back of my chair, and a pair of arm warmers in my desk drawer that make me feel like Cyndi Lauper circa 1985, but also stop my hands from aching in the frigid air of my office so I’ll accept the hit for the dubious fashion statement (other comments from my office – ‘I thought you’d broken both your arms,’ and ‘hello, Debbie Gison’). At lunch I go outside and lie in the sun, and it takes 20 minutes for my feet to defrost after a morning at work. Some of this is a reflection on exactly how cold my office is, but a lot of it is a reflection on the fact that I’m just always cold. Read the rest of this entry ?