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WND – The Chalice from the Palace

July 15, 2010

One of the weirder parts about growing up is discovering where your taste diverges from your parents’ taste. When you’re a kid you eat what your parents eat – or well, you did in my house, I’ve heard tell of kids who will only eat white food, or round food, or frozen peas and Vienna sausages (she grew up to be a perfectly normal person who comes to Dinner every week and eats all sorts of things), but they didn’t live in my house. When I got my first apartment I started by cooking the foods that I’d grown up eating. Gradually I branched out and discovered a love affair with cinnamon, and how well dried fruit pairs with meat, and that while I don’t like coconut desserts I think coconut milk in savory dishes is the cat’s meow. Read the rest of this entry ?