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WND – Gilding the Lily

July 22, 2010

In hindsight – actually even in foresight, but let’s ignore that – soup + plated food for a dinner when there were too many people to seat everyone around the table was maybe not the wisest decision. In my defense, I did try to think of something else to make when I learned that there were going to be 10 people at Dinner this week. I futzed through epicurious looking for summer recipes, and I trolled a variety of my favorite blogs looking for inspiration, but when it came down to it all I really wanted to eat was corn soup and this decadent sounding tomato tart that I’ve been eying since David Lebovitz posted about it way back in May. All the other recipes I came across just left me bored, and nothing is worse than making food you find boring, because nothing will convince you that other people will like it if you yourself are bored by it. Read the rest of this entry ?