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TND – Farm-to-Table Dinner

August 24, 2011

My office and I exist at different ends of the entertainment spectrum.  I go to museums for fun, they only go if dragged by an out of town elderly aunt.  I go out to dinner in Cambridge (fusion cuisine, small, innovative + cocktails), they go out to dinner in Boston (classic high end and/or neighborhood dive bars).  I plan excursions to Newport to tour Gilded Age mansions and have high tea, they go to football games and tailgate.  Overlap only ever tends to occur at the nexus points of Harry Potter movies and HBO shows.

When people in my office asked me what I’d done this weekend the response to “I went to the annual Corn and Tomato Festival at Verrill Farm” was met with a long pause and an expression of ‘well, of course you did’.  I, however, refuse to apologize for an afternoon spent sitting in the sunshine watching small adorable children being given rides on equally small adorable ponies while sampling 20 kinds of tomatoes, 10 kinds of corn and a tent’s worth of dishes made from seasonal farm produce (the chilled corn-poblano soup was particularly spectacular this year) and listening to a live blue grass band.   Read the rest of this entry ?