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TND – Year in Review + New Year’s (food) Resolutions

January 11, 2012

2011 was the year of discovering that it wasn’t that I disliked entire categories of ingredients or cuisines, it was just one iteration of them that I disliked and that iteration happened to be the only one I’d ever eaten. Read the rest of this entry ?


TND – Best of 2011?

December 8, 2011

This is the time of year when everyone comes out with their “Best of Lists” and either my reading material has changed in the past year (entirely possible) or cooking/food has become a much bigger deal (also possible) because I’ve seen more “Best of 2011 Cookbook” lists in the past few weeks than I think I saw in the previous decade.

A random, and completely unscientific, sampling of lists (epicurious, Bon Appetit, NPR, the NYT, the Boston Globe, Serious Eats, The Kitchn, David Lebovitz, Kirkus, and The Huffington Post) reveals the following moments of agreement and endorsement.  And, in a rare moment of being insync with the zeitgeist I have not only read two of the three books, I wholeheartedly second their endorsement. Read the rest of this entry ?


WND Extra – Baby Shower Recipes

June 25, 2009

Spanish Omelet

6 Tbsp olive oil
1.5 lb (Yukon gold) potatoes
1 small onion, sliced thin
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
11 eggs*

Peel and quarter the potatoes, and then slice into ¼” slices.  Slice the onion thinly and add to the potatoes.  Toss with 4 Tbsp olive oil and ½ tsp salt and ½ tsp pepper. Read the rest of this entry ?


WND – Tale of a Weekend

February 5, 2009


Step 1: Stop by the grocery store on Saturday to pick up some rock salt (to try and get rid of that ½ inch of ice that’s on your driveway – the collective sympathy in Boston for London’s 4-6 inches of snow is somewhat limited), and some milk.

Step 2: Wonder why the grocery store is packed to the gills at 2pm on a Saturday.

Step 3: Realize half way home that you remember reading something about the Vice President throwing a Super Bowl party. Realize they must have been talking about this weekend (my boss refuses to believe that I’m this oblivious, but he’s wrong). Spend the rest of the drive home trying to remember who’s playing.

Step 4: Forget that the Super Bowl is this weekend. Read the rest of this entry ?


SND – Holiday Edition

December 6, 2007

Thanksgiving dinner may not be a true MND experience, but there were 7 people involved AND I had access to a working oven, so I’m counting it.  Especially since I’m really behind in posting and “Sunday Night Dinner” appears stalled. I blame the holiday season. And traveling for work. 

Dressing (or stuffing) is one of those things that one tends to cook just once, maybe twice, a year – but it’s for meals that people expect to match their built up expectations, so it better be damn good. About 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make my MawMaw’s stuffing because no holiday family gathering would be the same without it. I think I finally have it down – though I’ve altered it slightly because, well, I think it needed a bit of kick. 

I was always a bit weird about what I would eat for Thanksgiving and Christmas as a kid (expecting, for some reason, that canned pineapple and black olives always be available. These made up a large portion of my meal. No, I can’t really explain it. MawMaw was very nice for indulging me. ) I always ate about a forkful of stuffing because it was expected (much like the black-eyed peas at New Years), but I wasn’t a big fan – it tended to be a bit too dry for me.So, below is the slightly altered family recipe. 
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SND – Who doesn’t love fried cheese?

September 27, 2007

Sarah and Stephanie joined us on Sunday (okay, so this post is a few days late) for gossip and fried cheese. Haloumi with Spiced Leeks was actually one of the first things JM ever cooked for me, so it has a special place in my heart. That, and it’s awesome.

This week’s menu:
Haloumi with Spiced Leeks
Baguette with Olive Oil and Balsamic dipping sauce
Strawberries with Vanilla and Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

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SND – Couscous Salad!

September 19, 2007

Dinner this week was based around one of my new favourite dishes: a couscous salad with corn and red pepper. I first made this earlier in the summer and fell in love. It’s pretty forgiving – though this last time it needed just bit more spice. I overcompensated a bit for putting in too much cayenne last time. Oh well. Read on beyond the jump for a recipe that convinced my father that couscous wasn’t always a big, gloopy mess.

This week’s dinner menu:*
Couscous Salad with Corn and Red Pepper
Roasted Tomatoes
Pan-Seared Cod (or Portabella Mushroom) with Chile-Lime Butter

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WND – Fried Chicken Dinner

September 13, 2007

When I was little the rule was you could ask for whatever you wanted for your birthday dinner within reason. Translated, this meant that while my father did not get wild boar in port sauce, I did get fried chicken every year for my birthday. I still only make fried chicken about once year. It’s not because I think it’s necessarily terrible for you, or even because it’s that hard to make. Mostly it’s just because it’s messy and I hate cleaning up afterwards.

That being said, there are days when you just crave fried chicken and this Sunday when I was making the weekly grocery shopping list was one of them.

So Dinner this week was:

Fried Chicken
Sliced tomatoes (beautiful striped heirloom tomatoes)
Cole Slaw
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Sunday Night Dinner in “The City”

September 11, 2007

The West Coast version of MND started up this past weekend in “the City” (Eddie Izzard pronunciation necessary). Sunday nights are our night of choice at the moment. I thought I’d start off small; 6 people seemed just about right. Which was a great idea in theory, until we realized just before dinner that we only have five normal, dining room-type chairs. Oops.

Goofy got the big, plush desk chair. All hail, King Goofy.

I guess we’ll be investing in a few more chairs here shortly.

Anyway, on to the food!

Recipe(s) behind the jump