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WND – The Curse of the Devilled Eggs is Lifted!

June 26, 2008

The single most useful part about this blog, for me at least, is keeping track of what I’ve made when.  My mother keeps a small journal of the meals she makes for guests so that she doesn’t repeat them.  While acknowledging the usefulness of this, I remain faintly horrified at the thought of being that organized.  It’s a little too Martha Stewart for me to wrap my head around.

I sat on my couch on Sunday morning in search of inspiration, which is a more polite, if less accurate, way of describing looking blankly at a wall and complaining to my roommate.  What I really wanted was devilled eggs – because clearly I’m a masochist and wanted to try again despite three fairly spectacular failures – but I felt like we’d had a dinner of summer salads just the other week.  But!  The blog revealed that the last time we had summer salads was in the beginning of May, it’s just biscuits that I’ve made more recently, and really, I ask you, can you have too many biscuits?*

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